Home Interior Design Ideas for Cuty House – First, we discuss home interior design ideas for a small house. If we talkng about home interior, the living room in a small house should you polish into the bright colors, so it gives the impression of the room.

You can choose the white as the color in the living room wall so the color provide comfort to the guests who come to your home. As filler room, you may choose a minimalist sofa which is  matching or contrasting thos color will create the impression of gradation in the room.

Choose your sofa with a neutral color so it looks like matching with the room. As accesoriess, you can add rugs and wall hangings s your living room look more attractive. Due to make large impression, you can add a glass on your living room wall.

Second for home interior design ideas, a simle design in the bedroom. This house usually has 2 rooms for a place to rest, so you can design the room to your style.

In the master bedroom, you can paint it with cream or white so your bedroom can look spacious and clean. For furniture, you can put a glow lamp next to your bed. Then, you can put cupboard and hanging bookcase in your bed room.

Do not forget to give vent window as a bedroom so you can still obtain sufficient light and air. As a sweetener, you can provide a patterned wallpaper for your bedroom wall and mini-blinds to the windows of your room.

Fourth, home interior design ideas in the child’s bedroom. If your child is female, you can painting her bedroom with pink so the room will look beautiful and give a soft impression to your children.

For furniture, you can choose the single beds which are white and pink as bed cover so it really looks matched with the room. You can put a small white shelf upon which there is a lamp and alarm clock as a sweetener.

Do not forget to provide a window for ventilation of the room and mini-blinds with pink as the lid. For wall decoration, you can put a cartoon poster of the baby so that the room looks more like life.

Fifth, in the bathroom minimalist home interior design ideas, you can choose the color yellow as polished bathroom so the room looks more radiant. Then, you can pick up the bath and WC sitting as your bathroom furniture.

To give the impression of cool, you can put the plants grown in hydroponic way in the room and give a large glass so that the room looks spacious. Hopefully the information about home interior design ideas could be useful for the readers.

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Home Interior Design Ideas for Cuty House

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