Victorian Kitchen Extension Design Ideas – The Victorian kitchen uses the design from the beautiful furniture styles from the Victorian era. The era named after Queen Victoria of England who ruled England from 1837 to 1901. Victorian kitchen extension design ideas are elegant and graceful with decorative ornamentation and carvings. If you want to remodel your kitchen with Victorian kitchen, read this post below!

The Characteristics of Victorian Kitchen

One of the trademarks of Victorian kitchen extension design ideas is an open kitchen space. The most common models are U-shaped and L-shaped. In many Victorian kitchen designs, there is also a kitchen island which provides extra space for storage and food preparation. The stylish elements which often found in most Victorian kitchens are classic farm-style sinks which are ideal for food preparation or cleanup after large meals, large island with chandeliers overhead, creamy white cabinets, and a mantel style wood hood. The furniture for this kitchen is often antique or antique-looking that will match the casual but still Old-England feel. Meanwhile, the rich hardwood floors and a blue corner with a plate rack and décor will add warmth and color to the kitchen. The antique furniture with finer details such as arched frames. Trim moldings and shaped feet will provide the appearance of the Victorian kitchen.

Although in today’s open and large kitchen, the resemblance of cooking rooms of the 19th century of England resembles little, you can still tap into the outstanding design and beauty of Victorian style kitchen. By making proper planning and execution, you can get your very own beautiful Victorian kitchen design which is both the prefect and practical and also fit for your kings and queens of your house.


You can use cabinets or a repurposed dresser in the Victorian style as one of Victorian kitchen extension design ideas. That furniture was often featuring classic designs, crown molding, and Carver cutouts. You can use furniture with other Victorian designs such as floral designs or brass hardware in flooring. Similarly, cabinets in most Victorian kitchen design often use elegant hardware, crown molding, and cutouts as their everyday choices. You can use cabinets with glass doors or open shelving to show off your favorite glassware or dishware collections to your guests.

Floors and countertops for Victorian kitchen extension design ideas often provide a light, bright, and romantically flexible design that you can find in any other Victorian movie. The antique furniture will be painted with bright yellow, white, or beige. The countertops will be painted with black granite with either matte or glossy finishing. As for flooring, it made from dark and large wood planks which create contrast in the color schemes in original Victorian kitchens. Your own Victorian kitchen may feature accents in rose pinks, light blues, and yellows to build the romantic feel in the kitchen.


Many Victorian homes have an elegant and formal appearance. This will indicate a sense of royalty and wealth. But Victorian era also was known for their romantic feel. To add the romance and chic vibes to your kitchen, you can find some added artwork. To add an artistic and elegant touch to the kitchen, you can add the painting of wines, fruits, and cheeses. While other stuff such as beautiful chair cushions in velvet and floral patterned curtains soft colors will help to create a welcoming appearance that filled with romantic and elegant touches.


Victorian kitchen extension design ideas will follow the pattern of luxurious and elegant design. This is also the same for the furniture. Choose designed tables and chairs which carved in high-quality wood. Paint them in white or light colors. Don’t forget to hang chandeliers.

Victorian Kitchen Extension Design Ideas Pictures

Victorian Kitchen Extension Design Ideas

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