40 percent of consumers said this about shopping local

HIGH POINT — Some call it shopping small; others refer to it as buying local. There’s even a day set aside for it — Small Business Saturday — every November.

Shopping within the confines of one’s city or neighborhood has ebbed and flowed over the years, falling with the advent of suburban shopping malls, then resurging even before the pandemic kept people closer to home.

In a recent Furniture Today Strategic Insights survey, 40% of all respondents said using local vendors for decorating purchases was extremely or very important to them vs. 21% who felt it wasn’t a significant factor. Men more than women, and Baby Boomers and Millennials more so than Generations X and Z, put a premium on buying local when making decorating decisions.

In an Intuit Mint survey in 2021 that polled 1,500 Americans, 55% said they shopped locally in store, while another 15% did so online. The main reason people gave was to keep the money local (57.3%), followed by connecting with the community and supporting local creators (37.6% each).

Although there is no formal definition of what constitutes a “local” business, a survey of about 1,600 Americans by Red Egg Marketing found approximately 61% defined it as a business operating within their city, while about 22% further narrowed that to enterprises within their neighborhood.

Among Red Egg’s respondents, 71% said they go out of their way to support local businesses, and nearly 55% did so on a monthly basis and 33% weekly.

About the data

Furniture Today Strategic Insights fielded an online survey in January and February 2022 to a nationally representative sample of 755 consumers to assess their shopping preferences when it comes to buying home furnishings. For additional information about the survey, please contact Joanne Friedrick, research editor, at [email protected]

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40 percent of consumers said this about shopping local