A Guide to Staging for Realtors

Intentionally preparing a property for staging is fun and challenging at the same time for realtors. After all, realtors are here to sell the property, not interior designers to decorate and design it.

But staging is an essential part of the selling process. It is an investment to help maximize the return on the sale of the rate of the property. Staging a home or a property is one way of attracting buyers and making them more feel at home.

According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, staging boosts the likelihood of buyers purchasing the property 30 times faster compared to non-staged properties.

So take the leap of staging your properties. Learn the basics of Orlando staging for realtors below.

Quick and Easy Staging Tips

Know Your Buyer

Remember that home staging is intended to attract future occupants of the property, so it fit the buyer’s taste. When staging, always consider the potential buyer’s price allocation, preferred location, and style of home.

Staging properties in an urban area are staged differently than staging properties in upscale villages. You must identify the demographics of potential buyers by checking out similar homes in the area.

Highlight the Key Rooms

Make use of modern appliances and fixtures to emphasize the use of each room. Make sure that the furniture is the right size for the room as bigger furniture will make the room smaller while too small makes the room feel dull and cold.

Arrange fixtures to make each room more inviting and homey. For example, highlight the living room with the use of soft textures, layers of pillows, and blankets. Choose inviting colors, add fresh flowers, or light a scented candle, making the property space more welcoming.

Show Off the Property’s Best Features

Identify which room is the most important to buyers when organizing Orlando staging for realtors. The living room, the master’s bedroom, and the kitchen are the top important rooms for buyers. Showcase the best features of these major rooms as these are the most used rooms and are the most expensive to renovate.

If a room has plenty of natural lighting, make sure to highlight this. If not, use lighting fixtures that will make the room brighter and bigger.

Design Choice

Be strategic with your design choice. Go for neutral colors, minimalist design, fresh, and simplistic approach. Although bold colors are fun, neutral colors make the property move-in ready. 

Make sure to have your photoshoot scheduled in the daytime and make use of natural lighting as this is the most desired element in a home for the majority of buyers.

Outdoor Space

Pay special attention to the exteriors of the property like the neatness, well-manicured lawn, and overall condition. Set up the outdoor dining table or lounge chairs on the porch to help buyers envision themselves in the property during down times and BBQ nights.

Orlando staging for realtors is a powerful tool to sell a property quickly. There is no shortage of ways to attract more qualified buyers to successfully close a sale for more money. You can use the professional services of WolfeRizor Interiors to help you convince buyers to invest.