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Letter L living room design will look neat and beautiful with the right arrangement. There are many ways you can go about styling.

One of them which is quite popular is the use of L-shaped sectional sofa. In the right way, it helps to make the living room look more functional.

Actually the design of the living room can be adjusted according to the size of the room. However, the L shape is usually suitable for the type of living room that is positioned in the corner area of ​​the room.

A more varied decor helps to create the impression of a more spacious and airy room. If you are trying to design a living room with the letter L, don’t make the wrong choice. Use the right inspiration in designing it.

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Living room letter L. how to design

The existence of the living room in the house plays an important role. Especially considering that the room is usually located in the front area, so that everyone who enters meets the room directly.

Even this one room can be called a doorway which represents the overall condition of the room in the house. If the condition of the living room is attractive, it also has a good effect on the overall condition of the house.

Especially considering the function of the living room to welcome anyone with an up-and-coming formal look. Considering its important function, you should organize it well.

Create interesting designs including the letter L living room. If you still need l room decoration ideas, you can check out the inspiration below:

carpet decoration

The design inspiration you can create for the Letter L living room is the use of a carpet. Choosing this one design will help create a simple feel in the room.

In addition, the carpet will also give the impression of a comfortable and clean room. Use a patterned black rug and place it under the table.

The black carpet creates a warm and comfortable feeling for the standing feet. Plus, add wall decorations in the form of a lovely rustic mirror.

Also put a vase on the table to make a lovely impression in the living room.

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all purple decorations

In addition to the first design inspiration, you can also use purple to decorate the Letter L living room. Use the sectional sofa model, which is an armless sofa set arranged to resemble an L shape.

To create the impression of a beautiful and distinctive room, choose purple decorations. You can play with different purple patterns and colors that are neatly arranged on the carpet, sofa or wall use.

Various shades and combinations of purple colors help to create the impression that the Letter L living room looks lively.

nature decoration

Creating the perfect living room concept can be customized. Similarly, if you have an L-shaped living room design, you should not just organize it.

Make sure you have arranged the room well so that the living room becomes more spacious. Use vinyl-coated flooring to create a natural and warm effect.

Also, by planting green plants in the living room, make the room feel. Green elements of greenery and the use of wooden elements will help to create the impression of a more comfortable and cozy living room.

In order not to look cramped, you can add a mirror as a blank wall decoration to create the illusion of a wider space.

wall decorations come to life

There are still many people who shy away from decorating the living room walls. You can also try making things indoors.

There is nothing wrong if you decorate the walls by installing a unique and attractive decorative frame. Especially for those of you who love to decorate macrame, hangers are also the result of this work on the living room wall.

Apart from this, also use window curtains with bright colors so that the letter L living room design looks more colorful.

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pink and gold combination

The living room can be made as attractive as possible according to the desired concept. You can make corner glass windows to make the living room bright.

Also, opt for pink curtains with a combination of gold holders. Also, choose furniture and other decorations with a combination of both. So that the design of the letter L living room looks elegant. (R10/HR-Online)

A photo of the moon that collected 250,000 photos captivates Reddit users