Birmingham city commission slows proposed lease near Hunter House

The continuing saga of what will happen to the white Hunter House restaurant property near Maple and Woodward in downtown Birmingham has made its way to the city commission.

And the commission has questions.

A developer wanting to to construct a multi-story mixed-use development, a project that’s been in the works for several years on that land, needs some city-owned property at the northwest corner of the intersection to make it happen. City officials drafted a 50-year lease agreement for the property, which came before the city commission at its May 23 meeting.

“In any case, we went back and forth for a very long period of time to determine the fair market value of this piece of property. We used an assessor that we chose who came back with a value,” said Mary Kucharek, a city attorney. “The lease before you is a good lease that protects the city, and I’m happy to answer any questions.”