Green Project Upgrades You Can Do To Keep Your Home Sustainable

While grass seems like a straightforward option, it’s water-intensive, high-maintenance, and allergenic. So, if you’re trying to cut down on your grass-maintenance costs without sacrificing the luscious green landscape, there is a way out. A few alternatives are easier on your wallet, health, and the environment. The most sustainable options include moss beds, clover, sedum plants, creeping thyme, chamomile, and Corsican mint, per Gilmour. Similarly, you can go with an eco-lawn with wood chippings and gravel.

Your climate and landscape will determine your ground cover. If everything else fails, create a mini wildflower meadow by letting native plants and flowers take over. Don’t forget to plant trees around your home. The larger your garden, the more trees you should grow. This way, you provide more shade in the future, which means lower energy bills. On top of that, a little orchard can offer you mouthwatering fruits.