How ‘Concept Next’ is Revolutionising the Home Decor Industry with Exemplary Decor Ideas

Concept Next is a personalized home decor brand that unites interior designers, vendors, and consumers. The company provides customised designs and styles; furniture and furnishings installed in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and other spaces of the home. Dashingly integrating the combination of data science, industrial designs, and algorithms, Concept Next enables its customers to uncover a variety of interior decors, personalize the design by colour, material, and style and get the precise look for their homes. 

Concept Next was founded by Mrs Ranjit Kaur and Mr Karan and the company delivers service consultancy .Talking about their work history, Concept Next has completed more than 500 houses. Some of their clients are Unity Group, Maxford Schools, Mr Vijender Gupta MLA, Haldiram Bhujiawala, Girish Switches, Gupta Toys Corporation, sample flat Max heights, etc and more. Apart from its designing and design consultation services for home interiors, Concept Next also illustrates an accumulation of furniture and home decor products. 

Concept Next: A Trusted Name in the Project Management Consultancy 
Architectural nuances and interiors are intriguing domains to work in. Formulate it with creativity and a talent mindset and a spectacular outcome awaits. Such is the USP of Concept Next! Making good of working in an incredibly talented setting, Concept Next ranks in the top 5 players in terms of quality and experience. Another significant aspect of this brand is its strict adherence to the principles of Vashu Shastra. The developers practically see to it and employ aesthetics to their advantage. The founders of the company, Mr Karan and Mrs Ranjit Kaur are the duos that have responsibly built this amazing company. 

In the realm of affairs in Concept Next in New Delhi, the company pertains to commercial and residential turnkey operations for buildings (meant for residential purposes). Further, they have managed to etch out a niche area in the architecture and interior design of high-end bungalows and offices. On this gambit, the company has embarked close to ten to twelve big-size residential bungalows each year. Innovating new designing techniques and encompassing the newest of them in the design plan is the core value system at Concept Next. 

Working with a staff strength of 25 employees, Mr Karan believes that “we have had a good run in the business till now and we get a viable number of contracts via positive word of mouth publicity”. Setting the core ethos of ‘hard work is the single most important key to success and more so in this line of work’, Mrs Kaur also underlines the importance of the grace of the lord in not just getting projects for work but also in ensuring their successful and on-time completion across the board. 

Mrs Kaur also focuses on the principles of Vashu Shastra sternly. She believes that the kitchen should be simple to maintain so that the lady-of-the-house or whosoever is managing the kitchen should not have a tough time. In addition, its overall planning should be consistent”. Functionality, creativeness, excellence and magnificence are the basic beliefs of the company. Mrs Kaur says, “Starting from the layouts to execution, we do all the things required to meet our client’s prospects, in fact even more. This, in turn, helps us to create a healthy relationship with our clients – so that whenever their colleagues or friends need help regarding the interior, they can refer us!”

Striving to Stay Ahead of its Competitors…
Concept Next began its professional innings in the year 2003, and ever since, they have survived to carve out a position for itself “ahead of its competitors.” Matched with unequalled creativity and amazing results, the buildings created and erected by them are as per the norms of earthquake-resistant structures, incidentally. Besides, the company also personifies the lifestyle of one’s living. The major differentiative of this company is that they always begin with preliminary space planning. Then, move forward, considering the client’s demand. Up next, they create layouts and decide on promising means to fulfil their client’s desired objectives.  

On the most basic level, the company furnishes a good interior design, adhering to space efficiency and functionality. They strategise, research, coordinate, and manage enhancement projects that make your space healthier and aesthetically appealing. Mr Karan asserted, “the profession of interior decorating, ubiquitous today in both print and digital media,“ is barely 100 years old, born during the twilight of the Second Industrial Revolution. However, with the advancement in technology and science, we can curate amazing decor ideas and bring them all into reality. Besides, Concept Next*s response has been good this year!” Mr Singh and Mrs Kaur love their work and are oh-so-delighted with their current undertakings.