Is Bold Wallpaper Coming Back In Style?

Another reason that bold wallpaper is making a comeback is due to the contributions of independent artists. The Vale, a design firm based in London, specializes in textiles that feature prints uniquely created by in-house artists. Melinda Marquardt, its founder and creative director, describes her purpose in what The Vale offers its clients: “My style is unique. It’s boutique, really high-end and special because we’re bringing original artwork to the home. That’s been the goal since the beginning,” (per The Vale London). Marquardt finds inspiration for her designs everywhere, especially while traveling. She remembers beautiful images from her trips and transfers them into vivid patterns on her wallpaper designs, such as the interiors of churches she’s visited in Florence, Italy.

The opportunity to explore bold, independent wallpaper design is expanding through the emerging market for SIY, “Style it Yourself” projects as well. Spoonflower, recently acquired by Shutterfly, offers customers the opportunity to personalize unique wallpaper designs created by thousands of independent artists, according to Business Wire. Customers are enjoying this new creative outlet as they decorate their homes, and this trend is causing the wallpaper business to boom even more. Hilary Schneider, Chief Executive Officer at Shutterfly, states, “We are so excited about the impact Spoonflower has had on our family of brands and helping our customers to unlock the ‘creative within’ themselves. This expands the brand’s reach past photo personalization and positions Shutterfly as a premier destination for stylized self-expression.”