Report alleges ‘numerous youthful appearing individuals’ with alcohol were observed in Worcester’s Husky’s Pub on night of 19 counts of underage drinking

When Worcester Police and investigators from the state entered Husky’s Pub on March 3 two patrons told them their fake IDs had been confiscated by the pub’s bouncer but they were still allowed in and served beer, according to an investigative report.

The officers and investigators were responding to a tip the police department received on Jan. 22 that the pub regularly served alcohol to underage patrons, the report said.

The pub’s owners now have a violation hearing in front of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission on May 17 for 19 counts of underage drinking and one count of overcrowding beyond its capacity limit.

Upon entering the pub in March, “Investigators observed numerous youthful appearing individuals standing in the bar room, in plain view of bartenders and other staff, in possession of alcoholic beverages,” the report read.

When the officers and investigators started checking IDs at the pub, which was holding a “Pops Birthday Bash Trivia” event, several people in the bar left through the front exit door which was being held open by the pub’s bouncer, according to the report.

They were able to get a counter from the bouncer that showed 89 patrons were inside, for a total of 97 occupants with the eight staff members included, meaning they were at nearly double the occupancy limit of 49 set by the city of Worcester, the report said.

The report details the ages of the patrons that remained and had alcoholic beverages ranging from beer to vodka crans to rum-razs and had fake identification or no identification: three 18 year-olds, nine 19 year-olds, six 20 year-olds and two people with no age listed.

The pub posted to its Facebook page the day after the event saying they would not be accepting out of state IDs saying they could not verify the validity of them and “there are quite a few who ruined it for those who have valid IDs.”

The pub said it would require patrons to bring a passport or Massachusetts ID when coming into their establishment.

Eleven of the fake IDs the police found were listed as from the state of Massachusetts and the remaining four fake IDs were from Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey.

One patron told police she was not asked for identification at any point, another would not produce an ID but told police he was 19 years old, and two women told police they showed fake IDs to bouncers when they arrived, which were confiscated, but they were still allowed in and served at the bar, according to the report.

The hearing in May could result in a warning, suspension or revocation of Husky Pub’s license, according to an Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission spokesperson.

ABCC has no record of any previous ABCC violations by Husky’s Pub, according to a spokesperson.

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