Richland senior out thousands in medical store miscommunication

RICHLAND, Wash. — A West Richland senior said she’s out thousands of dollars after purchasing a lift chair at a local medical supplies store and now she’s wanting others to be aware of what she went through.

According to 72-year-old Judy, she bought a nearly $3,000 dollar lift chair at Densow’s in Richland a couple of weeks ago to help with the multiple medical conditions she suffers from.

“The day I went in and bought that chair I was kind of at my wit’s end. I needed a chair. I was hurting so bad all the time,” Judy said.

The chair is supposed to provide help with standing up and other therapeutic benefits.

“It means that I have a place I can go to sleep in it, and come back comfortable without having more pain in my body,” Judy said.

However, after she brought it home and tried it out, Judy found there was “no comfort.”

“It was just very uncomfortable,” Judy said. “I would use it and I’d be lying there and I’d wake up and I’d hurt so bad. When I woke up I was like, why am I using this chair? It’s killing me off.”

So she decided to call the store, remembering the salesman she’d worked with mentioned a 30-day return policy window.

Despite the chair having all of its tags still on and her receipts handy, Judy said the store refused to accept the return, claiming the salesman who informed her of the policy was incorrect, “a new hire and wasn’t quite trained.”

“I couldn’t believe it because anywhere you go to buy something now, if you don’t like it you can take it back,” Judy said. “I have no use for the chair. I cannot use it and there’s nobody else in my house that can use it.”

Judy’s caregiver, Christine, said the situation was “a bad experience.”

“It was just like they’re finding an excuse here and an excuse there not to honor what they had originally told her about bringing it back if you’re not happy with it in the 30 days,” Christine said.

Densow’s sent KAPP-KVEW this statement:

To whom it may concern:
Our return policy, as required, is posted at our point of sale for all customers to view.
Our return policy regarding lift chairs is no different than a return policy at most furniture stores.
As a company we strive to educate and help every customer to the best of our ability. In the event of a
misunderstanding, we do our best to work with the customer to achieve an amicable outcome.
As a business in the medical field, we are required to follow HIPAA guidelines (Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act), which prevents us from speaking specific details about any one of
our patients.
Densow’s has been a part of the Richland community since 1949. Our reputation has been built on great
customer service, which we pride ourselves on and is reflected in our A rating on Better Business

In their return policy posted here, lift chairs are in the “Non-Refundable Items” category.

Judy said the store offered her a refund in the form of store credit, minus a 20% charge for restocking.

“What am I going to do with $2,000 dollars in a store like that?” Judy said. “I’ll be happy to give them back the chair but I want most of my money back too.”


Miscommunication with furniture store leaves disabled West Richland senior out thousands of dollars