Six-Figure Four Seasons Private Jet Experiences: What’s Included With These Luxury Getaways

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If you’re even slightly interested in high-class travel, you probably know Four Seasons as a famous luxury hotel and resort chain with locations all over the world. But the brand is more than just an exquisite place to lay your head once you arrive at your vacation destination — Four Seasons can get you there, too. 

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The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience is a collection of all-inclusive themed vacation packages that let well-heeled jet-setters hopscotch to some of the world’s most coveted and exotic destinations. Each itinerary gives insider access to experiences you couldn’t get on your own, but they all have flexibility built in so you can customize each stop to your own liking.

It’ll cost you, but if you have the means, it is the world’s premier luxury private jet experience. 

Fly on a Jet That Puts First Class to Shame

No matter the package, you’ll fly in an Airbus A321LRneo aircraft, which boasts the widest and tallest cabin in its class. The high-end materials and design will make you feel more like you’re lounging in the penthouse suite of a Four Seasons hotel than flying in one of its airplanes.

A private chef and journey physician will follow wherever you go, and each passenger is assigned a private concierge. The aircraft’s 48 hand-crafted Italian leather seats offer 6 1/2 feet of personal space and are fitted with plush ottomans for extra leg room — each extends to lie fully flat for total relaxation.

If that sounds like your speed, all you need now is a six-figure vacation budget, and you’ll be on your way to one of these ultra-luxe journeys — all of which, of course, include accommodations in Four Seasons hotels along the way. 

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Asia Unveiled 2024

Newly announced for 2024, Asia Unveiled is a 16-day journey across seven exotic locations in the East from Jan. 11-26, 2024. Your destinations include Tokyo, Bali, the Maldives, Hoi An, Bhutan, Angkor Wat and Bangkok. 

The cost is $135,000 per person, but that price is based on double occupancy. Solo travelers pay $13,500 extra.

You’ll learn the secrets of sword fighting from a Samurai master and the art of bonsai tree styling while in Japan’s bustling metropolitan capital. Once in Indonesia, you’ll sail on Bali’s longest river and cleanse your body and spirit in its sacred waters. In the Maldives, you’ll relax on the country’s famous white sand beaches. After landing in Malé, you’ll ride by speedboat to the private coral island of Kuda Huraa. In Hoi An, memories include a culinary tour by Vespa and a journey through the vast rice paddies of the countryside. 

If you’re good for another $10,000, TCS World Travel offers a comparable trip across Asia and beyond for $144,950 per person in a couple, plus $10,000 for individuals, but it lasts a full 24 days.

Uncharted Discovery 2022

There’s still time to get in on this 21-day journey, which takes you to the bottom of the world where few have gone before — the frozen continent of Antarctica. That’s hardly all you’ll see during your excursion, which runs from Nov. 28-Dec. 18. There are seven destinations in total, including New Orleans, Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and the Bahamas. 

The cost is $190,000 per person for double occupancy. Individual travelers pay an additional $19,000.

You’ll ride a luxurious polar ship for your jaunt to the seventh continent, and while you’re in Colombia, you’ll be treated to a private concert held by the prestigious Bogotá Philharmonic. While in the Argentinian capital, you’ll be whisked by private jet to Iguazú Falls in Iguazú National Park, home to the largest network of waterfalls in the world — and those are just a few of the world-class experiences you’ll enjoy along the way. 

If you like, you can get a similar experience without the Four Seasons price tag. TCS World Travel offers a 21-day global journey of its own for just $124,950 per person in a pair with a $12,495 supplementary charge for solo travelers.

African Wonders 2023

Most Four Seasons Jet Experiences are designed with adults in mind, but the African Wonders vacation is for the whole family. It costs $130,000 per adult based on double occupancy — solo travelers pay $13,000 more. Children ages 6-14 cost $123,500 each for double occupancy or $110,500 each for triple occupancy. 

You’ll pack seven destinations into just 13 days from Dec. 28, 2022-Jan. 9, 2023, including Athens, the Great Pyramids, Mauritius, Rwanda, Victoria Falls and Johannesburg. 

Adventures include a hot-air balloon ride above the Serengeti, an up-close visit with mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, and a chance to snap one-of-a-kind photos at the world’s largest waterfall in Zambia.

Abercrombie & Kent offers a similar African adventure for just a few thousand more — $134,500 per person — that lasts a full 22 days.

World of Adventures 2024

If you have just shy of a half-million bucks to drop on a vacation for two, World of Adventures will take you to eight countries on four continents. 

The cost is $215,000 per traveler based on double occupancy — tack on $21,500 if you’re flying solo. The 24-day excursion, which runs from April 17-May 10, 2024, will take you to Seattle, Kyoto, Bali, Seychelles, Rwanda, Marrakech, Bogota, the Galapagos Islands and finally, Fort Lauderdale. 

You’ll meditate under the direction of a world-class yogi in Petite Anse Bay, ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Jemaa el Fna Square and follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on a three-day tour of the Galapagos aboard a private ship.

If Four Seasons’ unrivaled luxury is a little too rich for your blood, TCS World Travel offers a comparable 24-day trip for $125,950 per person in a pair with a $12,595 supplementary charge for individual travelers.

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