Surf City developer continues plans for subdivision with rooftop views

Jesse Zimmer is looking forward to building more contemporary style homes near the shores of Surf City with rooftop views for residents and vacationers.

The town’s planning board recently received a subdivision plan for 2.2 acres of land. According to plans provided by Surf City’s planning and zoning department, plans for Decks to Sea LLC includes two parcels facing South Topsail Drive and another two will front the right of way of Charlotte Avenue. 

Zimmer and his wife, Mandy, operate Stay TI, a business specializing in real estate sales and rental properties in Surf City. 

“I love the Topsail Island area,” Zimmer said. “You’re only a few blocks away from downtown, but what’s nice is that you can go for a little stroll with your loved one and make it down to the peak and go unwind or you’re close enough we’re you can walk along the beach and relax.”

A Surf City developer is working to build a subdivision with modern style homes to Topsail Island.

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Zimmer, a former transportation businessman, is originally from Minnesota and lived in Raleigh for almost 20 years before he and Mandy move to the Wilmington area about six years ago. 

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They lived in a house on Charlotte Avenue, with a flattop roof, that is also a deck to host guests. He also pays tribute to veterans and people currently in the military with a “Thanks for your service” message on the top.