Under sink storage ideas and solutions to get organised

Under sink storage spaces can easily get neglected and end up as a mess of half used or expired cleaning products and miscellaneous items which don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

In fact, the cupboard under your sink can be a streamlined, efficient and especially handy storage location, if you opt for the right products and practices.

We spoke to three decluttering experts to find out how best to tackle the area and offer their best under sink storage ideas and solutions below.

Professional organiser Vicky Silverthorne (You Need a Vicky) has even created a handy video guide which you can watch at the top of this article. For her, the key place to start is by sorting out what you’ve already got and deciding what really needs to live there. When storage space is at a premium, you need to keep only the most useful and practical items under the sink.

Jacqueline McLeod, founder of Bancrofts Organisation Services and APDO’s Communications Director (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers), agrees.

“Cleaning products don’t expire per say, but they do lose their quality and therefore effectiveness over time,” she says. “If you have had a product for over a year, I would suggest replacing it but before doing that, ask yourself if you actually use it as part of your cleaning toolkit first.”

Kate Ibbotson from A Tidy Mind also suggests storing the items you need to keep dry, like dishwasher pods, in airtight, child-locked containers, as well as investing in some practical storage.

Here, our experts recommend more clever under sink storage solutions and ideas you can try. From categorised and labelled storage baskets to adjustable shelving which fits around your pipes, we’ve got it covered.

Under sink storage ideas and solutions

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Curver Infinity Recycled Plastic 4.5L Storage Basket

Both Vicky Silverthorne and Kate Ibbotson advise using containers to keep bottles and loose items in order. “Use labelled baskets that can be lifted in and out,” says Kate of A Tidy Mind.

There are wide range of baskets, boxes and containers available depending on how much space you have under your sink. This option from Dunelm is made from recycled plastic and comes in a range of sizes.


Deep Multipurpose Cleaning Caddy White

“Keeping your most regularly used cleaning supplies in a portable caddy is a good idea so you can grab your cleaning kit quickly and take it from room to room as needed,” says Kate.

The cleaning caddy from Lakeland should fit your main essentials in, and is made from wipe-clean materials.


6 Pack Tension Rods Adjustable Spring Cupboard Bars



“Try using a rail that runs from one side of the cabinet to the other and hang your cleaning products along that in relevant categories,” says Bancrofts’ Jacqueline McLeod.

Kate agrees, and recommends tension rods which don’t require permeant fixtures.


madesmart Adjustable Hanging Storage



“The inner door of the under-sink cupboard is often an under-utilised area. You can fit over-door storage in the form of pocket organisers,” says Kate.

Jacqueline agrees that over-door racks can be handy ways to bag extra storage.

This version by madesmart has adjustable sections so you can move them to your preferred height and position on the caddy.


Amtido Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Organiser with Sliding Basket Drawer For Kitchen And Bathroom – Chrome



In our handy video, Vicky Silverthorne shares her own under sink area in which she uses a pull-out organiser like the above.

This model is available on Amazon and features a flat shelf for larger items as well as a handy drawer for small items, such as cleaning cloths.


Command 17081 Damage Free Medium Hooks 2 Pack , White



Having even just a couple of items hanging on the door, instead of taking up valuable surface space, can make a big difference.

“Self-adhesive hooks are good because they can be moved and adjusted super easily,” says Kate of A Tidy Mind.


Boots Baby Cupboard Latches (12 Pack)

Making sure chemicals and other potentially hazardous items are secure is extremely important for families.

“Install child-proofing locks on the cupboard to keep children and pets safe,” says Jacqueline McLeod.

To be extra safe, Kate also recommends storing some cleaning products in a harder to reach location and using under the sink for, “storing only child-safe items like dishcloths, extra sponges, and paper towels.”


Dymo LetraTag LT-100H Label Maker ABC Keyboard, Black/Blue



A label make is the perfect way to help you keep organised, especially if you decide to use a selection of baskets to store your items.

Jacqueline recommends categorising your cleaning products into groups such as, “stain removers, laundry items, kitchen products, furniture products,” and keeping them “in labelled storage boxes for each category.”


Plastic Desktop Storage Unit with Drawers, Stationary Arts Drawer Desktop Tabletop Organiser Storage Tower Unit for Office Bedroom Garage (35.5 x 27 x 35cm, Black with 4 Clear Drawers)



You may find you have lots of loose or smaller items to keep organised, depending on what you store under your sink.

In this case, “You might find drawers work well in this space so you can access items easily,” says Kate.


SMONTER Expandable Under Sink Organizer 2-Tier Adjustable Shelf Organizer with 10 Removable Panels and Stainless Steel Pipes with Hooks, Multifunctional Storage Rack



Kate suggests looking at “compact shelving for your dustpan and brush, tea towels, scrubbing brushes or cloths.”

Jacquleine agrees and recommends choosing a special unit which is “designed to fit around the u-bend piping under your sink.”

This set of expandable shelves is available on Amazon and can be adjusted to fit around piping.

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