Where To Start When Decorating A New Home From Scratch

Mix, rather than match, when decorating your interior. We’re not talking about just the picture frames on the walls, but furniture and accessories, too. If done correctly, mixing materials is a good starting point for beginning to fill in an empty space, because it assists in bridging a cohesive design. Not such an easy task for those beginning with blank chambers, but it’s achievable if you focus on matching the tones of your items (via Kathy Kuo Home).

Whether you have an open floor plan, studio apartment, or a multi-level home, mix and match materials — wicker, glass, wood, etc. — in every room. When you’re shopping for furniture, purchase pieces intentionally and blend them together in one area of the house. Mixing wood and metal finishes creates a vibrant new energy in a space. The combination of a shiny sheen and a warm wood makes for a beautiful cohesive pairing that can elevate any style preference, from contemporary to farmhouse. Update woods and metals with marble table tops, like this one at Wayfair, or add metallic decorations to establish a more carefully-curated aesthetic.